Today’s Cool Find

If you’ve got kids, ESPECIALLY little girls, then you know how outragiously expensive their cut little clothes can be. 

Well, today’s Cool Find is just too darn cute and SUPER affordable!  Check it out!


Precious Pillowcase Top for Girls

Precious Pillowcase Top for Girls

I saw outifts similar to this yesterday, in a boutique in Auburn.. for $70.00! Can you believe it???


The Secret

I saw on the Kathy Griffin Show where Oprah has endorsed another book called “The Secret.”

The book is said to unlock all the secrets that will enable you to have a successful life. 

My question is – “Success by who’s standards?” Your own? Societies? Finanical Success? Personal Success? And when you get down to it, isn’t success in its self, subjective?

I would love to believe that there is some unseen force in the universe that I can “tap into” and find my success, whatever that may be. And to some extent, I guess I do believe that. I mean, I believe in Karma and The Tapestry and the Ripple Effect. I believe that whatever I put forth, I’m gonna get back ten fold. 

But I also believe that my best efforts have to be just that – they have to be my BEST efforts – or else all the self help books and “secret to success” books, aren’t going to accomplish squat. I mean..lets face it, I read Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe, and I still don’t own a spaceship. But I do have a  towel. 

So what is success? Some people consider it great wealth, others consider it a good relationship, or good kids (although I don’t believe in “good” or “bad” kids), or having a profitable business, or being well educated. 

Me? My idea of success is doing my personal best every day to achieve what I need to achieve, whether it be living debt free, fullfilling an order, whatever. 

I have this “check” that I carry in my wallet. Its not a “real” check. Its one I designed and printed…. but its made out to me, from “The Universe” and its for $184,636.00 

Why that amount? Because that’s what it would take for my family to be complete debt free, and to be able to live day to day without having to struggle for our next meal, or house payment. 

I could have written the check for any amount. I could have written it for the amount of the Power Ball, or some super Jackpot. I could have written it for enough to fullfill every fantasy I have. 

But that’s not who I am. I’m not greedy. I don’t want to wish for more than I need. Would it be nice to have that type of luxury? Well, hell ya it would. But the thing is, I believe that I’ll have that amount. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be for five years. But eventually, if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing the BEST I can in EVERY EFFORT – what I need will be provided. And what I want? Well, that’s just gravey. 

To me, that is the secret of my best life.

Confessions of a mom

I think probably only those mothers who are mothers of sons would understand the kind of special connection between a mother and her boy. 

Sure, we love all of our kids equally, and we have a unique bond with each of them as individuals. But there is something completely un-matched in the relationship between a mother and her son. A bond unlike any other. 

My son has been off visiting since last Wednesday. First to his older sister’s house for a few nights, then to spend the weekend with his friend Alex and now, visiting for two nights with his friend Cody who lives on an ancient farm in a house with wood burning stoves and rickety floors that Josh simply adores. They ride four wheelers and swim in the pond and Josh helps Cody in the garden he is growing. 

I try hard to let Josh be as grown up as he can be for his age. He’s almost twelve, and he’s going through a lot of changes – physically, emotionally and mentally. We home school so its not that I don’t get to spend time with him, and I know that he needs to be out having fun. 

But I’m a momma, and he’s my boy. And right now, I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon when he gets home and I can hug him and scruffy up his hair and pinch his chubby cheeks and look into those brilliant blue eyes and know that for a while, my baby is home.

Today’s Cool Find

These would look so beautiful with the makeover I want to do in my living room!


Be sure to check the shop by clicking the image!

Be sure to check the shop by clicking the image!

Thoughts on loosing a home

My family moved around a lot when I was younger. Maybe that, along with other factors has contributed to my inner sense of misplacement and my longing for a home of my own. 

When that longing was realized in 2007, nothing could contain my joy and excitement. 

Today though, I’m scared. We stand a very real threat of loosing our home. And the sad thing is, both of us work our butts off and it seems that the more we work and the harder we try, the worse things get. 

I’m up till 11 or 12 at night working, trying to fill orders, trying to create inventory from the materials I have on hand, and am back up at 4:30 every morning to start again. 

My husband works all day every day. 

We don’t go shopping or eat out. We don’t go to movies or drive brand new cars. We don’t spend anything that isn’t a necessity unless we’ve examined our finances repeatedly to make sure we can afford it. We’re not people asking for a hand out. And yet… we’re facing becoming homeless. And I’m terrified. And the terror stiffles me and drains me and today, I just want to fall apart.

Since I…


haven’t been able to post much lately due to commitments and weather, I thought I’d take the oppertunity today to share a few of my favorite Etsy things. 


Pink Dahlia Fabric Basket

Pink Dahlia Fabric Basket

I’d love to have several of these to organize my bathrooms and linen closets. I may just have to figure out how to make them!


Taiiwanese Wooden Buttons.. aren't they beautiful?

Taiiwanese Wooden Buttons.. aren't they beautiful?

These would look FABULOUS on the Osnaburg Totes I make.


Blue frosted glass cabachone Necklace

Blue frosted glass cabachone Necklace


Matching Blue Frosted Glass Cabachone Earrings

Matching Blue Frosted Glass Cabachone Earrings

I love Jewelry. I love blue. I love glass. Where can ya go wrong with this set???

As I Look Into My Coffee Cup

This morning as I poured my ritual cup of coffee, I noticed that my white coffee cup was starting to get the hairline fractures in its finish that is so common with this type of cup. Its the kind of fracture that eventually causes the entire thing to look like a cracked egg shell.

As I looked at the cracks I was immediately taken back thirty -five years to a time when I lived with my grandparents on their small farm in southeastern Missouri. A time when life, for me, was so uncomplicated and so happy. My biggest concerns were wondering if my grandmother would ever let me wear shorts like the other kids, and fending off my aggrivating cousin on the school bus.

I was eight years old. My parents had just gone through a nasty divorce. My mother, forced into poverty, was unable to take care of her three small children and so my grandparents offered to keep us, until she could get on her feet. It was a time in my life when I should have felt angry, hurt, bitter, confused and anxious. It was a time when I should have been suffering some sort of seperation anxiety. Instead, all I can remember is feeling loved and wanted and cared for… and for the first time in my young life – safe. 

Every morning, we woke and had breakfast with my grandfather and grandmother before I went off to school.  My brothers were then four and two and didn’t attend school, but my grandparents had old way standards, and no one over slept in the house. It was a farmer’s life, and if you were old enough to walk, then you were old enough to do a small chore. It was wonderful, and when I think back on it now, I miss it so much – that work ethic that was instilled in me at such a young age – the value of time. My own children would have a near meltdown if they were waken before 10 AM in the summer.

My grandfather was a carpenter, and he and my uncle worked for the local school district during season, making repairs. 

I remember this particular morning, having my own “coffee” with my grandfather (a weakened down version of instant coffee with a LOT of milk) and talking to him about what we would be doing that afternoon. Grandpa made me feel important. He asked my oppinion about things, and he listened to me when I gave my responses. 

He went on his way to work, and I went on my way to school. 

Later that morning, I saw him and my uncle, up on a ladder, fixing a broken window pane as my classmates and I went single file back to our classroom after being out on the playground.

At about 1:30 that afternoon, my aunt came to check us out of school because my grandfather had had a heart attack and passed away. I was in shock and denial. I was hurting so badly. 

I remember that when we walked back into my grandmothers house, my grandpa’s coffee cup was still sitting on the kitchen table, next to my own. It was unusual because my grandmother was NOT one to leave a dirty dish sitting, and this day, I think on some level she must have known, it would be the last time he’d have coffee there. His cup was cracked and eggshelled, just like mine is today.

Funny the memories we can conjure up, from something so simple as a coffee cup.